Learning 書道 or Japanese Calligraphy

One of the new things I got myself hooked on this year is 書道 or Japanese calligraphy.  Most of my Japanese friends learned this while they were still young. Had I been born and raised in Japan, I'd also probably grow up a  書道 calligrapher. 🙂 When I learned that one of our Japanese friends, Soma [...]


Learn how to make dreamcatchers

I became a member of the Cebu Language Exchange (CLE) in 2015. It's an online community of language learners from different countries - Philippines, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, among others. The founder of CLE is my best friend, Hironobu Maehara. Aside from the language exchange weekend meet-up, all members of CLE are encouraged to organize a [...]

Lapu-Lapu City relives Kadaugan sa Mactan

LAPU-LAPU CITY - Children were playing and natives were dancing and offering a ritual to an anito when foreign invaders reached the shores of Mactan one fine Saturday morning. The natives, who were armed with kampilan (large sword), clashed with the colonizers and won the battle after Datu Lapu-Lapu killed the invaders’ leader Portuguese explorer [...]