Jiyoung Baek | Lessons learned in 6 months abroad

Everyone has a story to tell, and here's a good one from a very good friend of mine. - xoxo, Armie Garde  What I’ve learned during my 6 months stay in Cebu, Philippines by Jiyoung Baek Hello, everyone who reads this article. Thank you for reading! First of all, let me introduce myself quickly. I’m Jiyoung [...]


Gyoza Diaries | Japanese restaurants in Cebu to visit

I used to watch this anime series, Virtua Fighter, whose main character, Akira Yuki, can finish more than 20 plates of gyoza a day. I will never forget the first episode when Akira was saving Pai Chan from her abductors, and he lost his balance and accidentally kissed her. Pai got mad and she shouted, [...]

The benefits of cultural exchange experience

When we experience a different culture, we gain a deeper understanding of other people, of our differences and similarities, and this deepened knowledge helps us strengthen our relationship with others, especially with foreign nationals of our neighboring countries. My passion for cultural exchange programs and activities is influenced by my childhood fascination with the Japanese [...]