When I took the Wisdom Path

61572904_10206082092888879_7832000197151424512_nThere are places on Earth where we can be connected with our multidimensional self in one reality. Some of those places are even within our reach.

I found myself in that kind of place three months ago when I took the Wisdom Path in Hong Kong.

I stayed there for quite some time, marveling at how beautiful it is to be alive on this planet. It was the right place to restore my energy, raise my frequency, and immerse myself into a higher vibration.

The greens, the calm, the various sounds of nature in harmony, and my mere existence reminded me how vast the cosmos is, and how blessed I am to be aware of my humbling role in this expanding collective consciousness.

Our world now is under mass cultural hypnosis propagated by those who are taking advantage of the illusion that power and money can do. Under this state, many people are discouraged from living the true essence of their multidimensional existence, and from the beauty of embracing their genuine gifts and living their purpose.

Going to places of serenity once in a while or more often can teach us how to awaken from this mass illusion.

57297851_10205948701274172_6533349288255160320_n.jpgFind time for yourself and go find a place where you can unplug yourself from your realities. Wake up and remember no one else will care for you and love you more than yourself. 🌸

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