Beyond my comfort zone

58375340_10205948690833911_4323282421949661184_n.jpgIt has been three months since I visited places of bliss in Hong Kong, and three months since I started a new journey.

Has it been easy?

Nope. Nothing is easy outside of our comfort zone, and that’s one of the reasons why only a few brave hearts dare to see what’s beyond the familiar.

Has it been scary?

Yes. We usually fear the unfamiliar and the unknown because we don’t have a grasp of its depth yet. Until that fear goes away though, sometimes we gotta do things afraid. I’m doing all right, thanks Heaven, so I’m sure you’re gonna be just good.

Has it been good?

Even better. Things turned out different from how I imagined them to be but even better than I could imagine.

The second quarter of the year has just ended, and as I welcome the start of the fresh quarter, I’m singing praises and thanks for the blessings in disguise of the past months. Glory to Daddy God. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
58377506_10205948691513928_809385822427021312_n.jpgWhen I learned how to dance gracefully with my own storm and not run from it, I found calm, overflowing love, and bliss inside of me that I am now more willing to share with the people I love and those who need them the most.

The life-changing journey continues.


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