How traveling alone changes how you see the world

How we see the world also determines how we live our life.

I have memories of myself sitting beside my dad, staring outside a bus window, and wondering where our next destination would be. I was either 5 or 6 years old and my dad always tagged me along whenever he went for a vacation or for work in a place where kids are allowed. I am a wanderlust ever since.

Ocean Pearl Cove Resort, Tabango, Leyte

I enjoy going to places with my friends and loved ones but I’ve been to a lot more places on my own. Traveling alone can be solitary but it’s not a lonely pursuit at all. It can be one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself.

It’s a good opportunity to learn how to see the world in perspectives you can’t relate with everyone and not everyone can relate either. It’s a good time to become more comfortable with yourself. You can do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it. You can make decisions accordingly.

58377168_10205972017497063_6046204558420475904_nYou are more open to meeting other travelers who end up becoming new friends. You can be lost in chasing your own stories. You follow no itinerary and you don’t chase time. You can walk aimlessly. You can stay in one place the longer you want and you can.

You can learn from everyone, from the person you walked the pedestrian crossing with, to the people who serve your meals; from the noisy guests next your hotel room to the artists, crafters, and musician performing on the city sidewalks; from the person you sat next to inside a train, to the staff inside the museums you visited.

📍 Ocean Pearl Cove Resort, Tabango, Leyte

You can also discern on certain things like why is it hard for people in our country to keep our waterways and streets clean when people in other countries can? How come other countries can keep their tradition and heritage amid technological progress? These and more random thoughts you can process well when you’re on your own.

Other people have a lot of reasons to be scared when traveling alone – my parents are, especially if it’s an international trip – but there are plenty of ways to travel safely.

I want to travel the world, too, and I am going to do that in my own pace, but I don’t mind, too, if someday I would find someone who would love to travel the world with me. I’m open to that, too.

Until then, until I find that someone, I’ll make the most of my life-changing lone wolf adventures.

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