Daughter of Andromeda

There are stories we will never tell, but when we do, we just don’t tell everything completely. There are always words and thoughts left unsaid. The tale we pass on becomes the truth, the details we omit become fiction.

If I write the stories I decided not to include in my diaries, it’ll read like you and I’s favorite fantasy book. It can’t be real, you’ll probably say. It’s just a story.

There is comfort in the fact that the psychedelics of today are no longer beheaded and burned. Judged, yes! Labeled wrongly, yes! Like other minority, our tribe remains deviant but at least more free. Free in a sense that we can somehow talk about our extraterrestrial origins openly with our loved ones.

I consider myself lucky. I was born to a family that never condemns someone for being different. All pieces of me who struggled to find a place in a dimension I am stuck with were nurtured unconditionally. Not all of my friends understand me, of course, and so I try to be as naturally human as possible – greedy, anxious, lustful, unhappy – so I could feel them more, and they could feel me.

I don’t remember everything I have fought to live in my previous incarnations but I know that I still have certain connections to them and to the soul families I have been part of.

Today, some cosmic energies have opened portals that led me to exploring the Universe within me, and the tumultuous confusion I have been feeling in my heart for the past days, causing me to weep in silence, has been shut off. I am at peace again with my own humanity and divinity. I am in harmony again with my vulnerability and power. I am aligned again with my parallel realities. I am one again with the divine and the cosmos.

Here are some manifestations of who I am, who I’m supposed to be, and these photos immortalize light-workers’ mantra that everything you desire, everything you want, wants you.

Everything you want most is also wanting to come into your life.

Love and light,
Daughter of Andromeda, the five of me ~ ✨💕

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