Finding a home in ourselves

When was the last time you spent quality time with yourself? Nowadays, everything is happening fast that some people forget to enjoy with themselves. Do not compromise your own well-being for anything that is only temporary. Whatever you’re into now, don’t forget to include self-awareness, self-care, and self-love in your priorities this year.

Before you seek from others and from elsewhere, may you find a home in yourself first.

How to be ready for the right love?

Love yourself first.  There is no right or wrong love, there’s only love that is genuine. Otherwise, it can’t be love.  Stop believing in the delusion that we can only experience love in romantic relationships. There is more to love than its social norms. Open your heart to the positive forces of the Universe today and allow yourself to feel all the love there is around you at the moment.

Are you ready to know the deepest parts of someone?

Yes, I am. Are you? There is more to a person than what meets the eyes. Allow yourself to know the deepest part of someone. Going down deep means caring so much that you want to know what’s in the heart and soul of a person, and that you are willing to understand everything you discover in the process.

To whom should you give your love to?

Your Self. Self-love is a process that you need to constantly choose to go through and work out every single day. It’s not an easy choice to make but it’s a must. Loving yourself more doesn’t mean you’re being selfish, conceited, and what not. It actually makes sense because nobody else knows you better and knows how to love you better than yourself.

Finding a home in ourselves means tapping and nurturing our Core, that home inside yourself that you can always go back to when everything around you becomes unbearable and lonely.

Until we learn how to genuinely love ourselves, we can never give that cosmic love to anyone else.

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