9 years of happy running and beyond

Last April 11, 2019, I marked my 9 years of running light and happy. Nothing much has really changed for the past nine years – I’ve never been faster than The Flash, Barry Allen,Β (my ideal running speed, πŸ˜‚), I’ve only tasted the podium on rare occasions, and I’m still loving running solo.

I started my running journey back when I did the 2010 Pinay in Action Run. I used to be diligent in updating my online running diaryΒ until other hip and happening of life happened. I still enjoy reading my unedited, unfiltered, childish entries until now.


However, a lot of amazing things happened for the past nine years, too – I got my first pair of @lunasandals, I got a lot of running shoes now (all of them have names), my running ensembles are getting colorful through the years, I ran destination races, I did a run-tour in a few countries, I ran the Kyoto International Marathon, I finished more than five ultramarathons, and my list can go on and on.

These aren’t the real reasons why I am celebrating my runniversary though. I am ever grateful to the Universe for the past 9 years because – running led me to my @paksitphotos family, to my #TeamBANGxFM family, my @runroo family, my UNGO ug Dagan, G6, Sarawayon Runners, and TOES families.
Running led me to the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, which led me to the Tarahumarans and Caballo Blanco, who are my heroes, @scottjurek, whom I got the chance to meet and greet in Cebu back in 2014, @barefoot_ted, whose likes and loves on my Luna posts make my heart sing, Jenn Shelton, who I’m still following on Twitter, and my list can go on and on.

I can honestly write a book about how running is making my life blissful. Let me summarize it this way…

…running brought a lot of meaningful connections into my life, memorable achievements, and a cosmic soul purpose that keeps me going despite everything.

Running is my life force!


Today, I dedicated my morning run to thank ALL the amazing souls who have been and who are still part of my raramuri life. THANK YOU! Salamat! Arigatou gozaimasu.Β You know who you all are! If I ever get the chance to write my own running book, a Chapter will be dedicated just to thank you all. πŸ’•

Thank you for occupying a huge space in my happy heart.

So so so much love,
Warat Runner 🌸

P.S. Appreciation PostΒ 

Through the years, people come in and out of my raramuri life, too. I seldom connect to these people but the Universe knows how much I value the memories I’ve shared and I’m sharing with them, and the lessons I’ve learned and I’m learning from them. Special appreciation to my best friend who used to stay up late and play his guitar for me to make sure I am soundly asleep and I don’t miss my 4AM gun start, to my former twin heart who ran with me for almost three years and graced my finish line poses, and my soul sister Carolyn for always, always making me cry every time she appears like magic at the finish line.

Also, a special appreciation to my future lifetime partner, whoever you are and wherever you are right now, for always seeing me at the Start and Finish line someday in our future. You have no choice, my love, because if you don’t do that you’ll end up sleeping in your hammock. HAHA.

I hope these people can feel my so so so much love for them from the bottom of my happy heart. πŸ’•

“I don’t run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days.” – Ronald RookΒ 

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