My take on some random topics

I was sorting my old notebooks, checking whether I can still recycle some unused pages, when I found a list of random topics I wanted to write about. I never got the chance to work on them last year for some reasons.

I forgot why I wanted to delve into these topics but I decided to randomly write something below because I also don’t want to let go the opportunity to share what’s on my mind at the moment. I’m in the writing zone and I’m feeling the flow.

Why you should never chase after love?

Never chase after love because the love that’s meant to be yours will always be yours. The person who is fated to love you will always find a way to you and you will always find a way to that being no matter where you both are in the Universe. Until that genuine love finds you, live a life you love. 

Traveling by yourself

Traveling alone is life-changing. You will find yourself discovering new things about you, your life, and your place in your world. You will realize how braver you have become. You will find a new meaning to your independence. You will grow. Traveling by yourself changes you for the better, and you never stay the same ever again.

Romantic friendship

People we love romantically but we cannot be with for some good reasons – I guess this falls into the romantic friendship category.  What do you think?

How to live a vibrant and rewarding life?

Love yourself.  Live each moment as if it is your last. Spend more time with family and loved ones. Value other people’s gifts. Celebrate little successes. Live a life you love.

How solitude enriches creative work?

In a state of solitude, you dig deeper into your soul, away from the noise of the world, and into the calm and quiet dimension of your being where creativity thrives. It is a state when you value the beauty and bliss of being alone, off-the-grid, detached but never lonely.

Hobbies that make you smarter?

Reading. Playing musical instruments. Learning a new language. Writing!

Do you crave alone time?

Always! I love being around with my friends and meeting new people, but I love it most when I am alone, creating stuff and building my empire. Haha!

Some essential truths from you to younger women

You never get out of this life alive, so live each day as if it is the last. Love yourself. Live well. Dream passionately. Love others deeply. You are enough. Stop looking for affirmation from others. Stop worrying about what other people think of you. You are loved.

How is being an INFJ?

Exciting, I believe! I live in a multidimensional world and I’ve always felt different compared to others. It was never easy to find someone to understand me, but I’m blessed to have a few friends who are just as crazy. I am a natural loner, I love being with my self and with my multidimensional beings, but people see me as an extrovert because I adapt well in social situations. I love listening to other people and the empath in me loves feeling others. I love exploring the deeper meaning of everything in the Universe. Some of my friends call me a philosopher. Life, in general, is challenging yet blissful.


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