The abundance in having so little

It wasn’t a starry night and there was nothing in the sky except the serenity of quietness. I was basking in the charm of its nothingness from a terrace of the room my friends and I booked in Apo Island. The wind was almost still and in between my contemplation, I found myself hoping for the zephyr to blanket me gently. The calming sound of the waves was a piece of music in itself. Everything seemed so nostalgic.

I wasn’t lonely but I found myself weeping in silence. I became one and connected again with the Universe that night. It’s amazing how the plainness of the nighttime and the mundane make life awe-inspiring, only if we choose to pay attention to these simple things.

Living in a world that is run by money controlled by those in power can influence people’s perspective and choices in life. Everyone wants more, needs more, and desires more, that everyone forgets the natural beauty and wonders around us.

In this lifetime, I’m living on Earth for 30 years now and I have seen, heard, and experienced enough to say that despite the established norms, twisted ideologies, broken systems, and corrupt people in power, you and I can still choose how to live life and how to best view the world.

We can still choose whether we live a life of scarcity or abundance in terms of our resources, wealth, relationships, and love. We can’t just leave everything to fate.  We can never have everything in life no matter what we do but we can have more than enough to live a fulfilled life if we will, too.

That night in Apo Island bared some of my kept memories. I was born and raised in a home with a simple lifestyle. Our family used to live at my grandparents’ farm, where I learned how to bath our water buffalo, to climb a tree, to swim in the river, to grow vegetables in my grandma’s garden, and even to harvest my share of the rice crops at the farm. Those early childhood memories are treasures in my heart.

The nothingness of the night showed me everything I value in my life – my ever-loving family, my nurturers here on Earth, and a handful of little things. I don’t have much but I’ve always had everything I needed. I’m living a life of abundance in having so little.  I can’t thank the Universe enough.


How to live a life of abundance

We all live unique lives. We all learn the “how-tos” of living and even dying gracefully in different ways. Have faith in your own timeline and love your own journey.

Focus on what you have. Forget about everything you don’t have at the moment. Worry less about the moments in time that you don’t have any control over.

Embrace the changes happening to yourself, to the people around you, and to your circumstances. Learn to dance the new steps to your constantly changing music. Don’t be scared to make mistakes, just dance your heart out.

Feel your pain, allow your tears to flow freely, and never run away from all the pieces of yourself, even if that means defying how you want to be perceived by society and how society wants you to become. Love your flaws. Wear your scars. You and I won’t come out of this life alive, then let’s live it fully.

Do not limit yourself just because of your race, your country’s history, your culture, your economy, your sex and gender preference, your physical and mental disability, and your reality. You are alive and while you are the possibilities are endless. Never stop growing and learning. You are and you have enough to become so much more. 

Be grateful for every little success that comes your way. Offer it to your Almighty’s greater glory. Offer it back to the Universe. Offer it to the people who guided you. Be genuinely happy for the success of others. Support their good cause and be grateful for the gifts that they are sharing to the world.

Love truly. Give love without expecting the same in return because we love differently. You are capable of giving and receiving this powerful energy and that makes living more worthwhile.

Cook for your loved ones. Go on a trip with your friends. Spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with your sister talking about your dreams. Run to the mountain. Hit the beach and get a tan. Write a poem or a lyric. Watch a crazy horror film with your best friend. Paint your mom’s favorite flower. Take your dad to a random date. Tell the person you always think of how you feel. Give yourself a good bath after a long day at work. Read a book. Sleep naked. Play your favorite playlist on Spotify. Start a campaign to save the rivers and seas.  Promote your advocacy. Write about what you know. Talk about something of value to others. Do something, no matter how little it may be, just do it.

52854013_10205783195856640_868309221790187520_n.jpgChoose to live your life of abundance everyday.  Live a life you love.


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