Warriors of the Kingdom of GAIA

Our Mother Earth is facing a lot of environmental concerns, most if not all are caused by Humans.

Our team decided to tackle Climate Change in our recent Christmas party presentation this year. We didn’t win but we’re happy to perform for the Kingdom of Gaia. We hope we managed to get our message across.

Let’s take care of Mother Earth. 🌱🌱🌱

This is our story.


In a dimension parallel to the human world is the Kingdom of GAIA, ruled by a King who is dearly loved by all the magical creatures of the kingdom, most especially by his Queen.

The kingdom of GAIA started out happy, but this is no love story.

It’s a story about you and I. As we slowly kill the EARTH with our careless ways, we do harm to the kingdom of GAIA.

The King is one with Earth, The KING is one with OUR forests. His spirit is one with every tree you can see. The number of trees in the human world continuously dropped. Forest wildfires, illegal logging are rampant. Yesterday, one of the oldest forest tree was cut down, and that killed the King’s life.

My Children, we must do something to save our kingdom and that of the human world,” says Queen Refin.

Humans are stubborn, my Queen. Their greed destroys the forests, the ocean and the air,” says the Elf priestess Laria.

Humans never care for Earth at all. They only look after themselves. They never care for the environment,” says Princess Inash.

But, humans are our hope, too. I have lived among them, Sestras. I have met SOME people who can be GAIA’s warriors in the human world. We can still rely on them, My Queen,” says Nike, the Messenger of Gaia.

The kingdom of GAIA is a make believe, but what is happening to Earth today is real. This really is a story about you and me. Whatever we do to the environment affects you and me.

Let’s care for Mother Earth today, so that Mother Earth can have a chance to take care of us forever.


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