The Big Bad Wolf in Cebu

The Big Bad Wolf came to Cebu and bookworms came together to forage for and bring home more books to devour.

My brother, my ever-so-sweet little brother, told me to indulge myself (his treat, by the way) and so I did. I went to the book sale with Chiaki-kun and we brought with us a…


a luggage. 😁

I went to the sale a few days after it opened to the public but the crowd was still overwhelming. It made me happy to see young people and families gathering together and shopping for different titles. The soldout copies were mostly books by young adult authors, as well as, bestsellers authors like Lang Leav, Paolo Coelho, Rick Riordan, Agatha Christie, among others.

I opted for new titles of authors I’ve never read before and I also found myself a rare booklet that I knew was really meant for me – The Time-Traveller’s Handbook. I knew that the book had to wait for me to come to find it. 

The Big Bad Wolf.jpg

If the volume of people in the book sale indicates the volume of the reading population in Cebu, it’s a welcome happy thought. Nowadays, our access to technology and our behaviors in response to these technological developments have, in one way or another, changed our reading habits. Some people are even no longer reading and that’s a worse case.

More and more people now prefer to read titles on Kindle, iPad, and even on mobile phones. I’m doing that, too, but flipping and sniffing pages of books never fail to make me feel more alive as a bookworm. Reading a hard-bound book is always a unique and soulful experience for me.

I’ve already read some of my Big Bad Wolf finds and the rest are still on my reading list. How about you?

“The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is the BIGGEST (and most affordable!) book sale in the world offering 50-90% discounts on all books.”

“The sale has over 1 million books covering 20,000 high-end English titles across all genres, including fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and even rare collector’s titles!” – Source: The Big Bad Wolf PH