Finding inner calm in my reality

We are all the same.

We all fear for something. We all feel for something. The difference lies in how we respond when these emotions we are harboring are triggered. Most of us are prompted easily and we are unaware that underneath these triggered emotions are baggage we didn’t know was there or we didn’t want to accept.

If acknowledging emotion is hard, ignoring emotion is not an easy feat, too, because we have an emotional brain and it has ways of ruling our rationality. When we encounter challenges and we want to help our self, we have to recognize the emotions involved in as much as we make use of our logic. We have to be open to the process involved and consider asking ourselves what’s really getting triggered in us, why we are feeling the way we do, what do we need to heal in us to not respond to the trigger again in the future.

Let’s conquer the fear of being tagged as weak because we are more attuned to our emotions and to the psychology behind them. There is power in knowing how and why we feel. Logic can only do so much.

Searching for The One


I stopped.

I’m no longer searching for someone who can make me feel complete because he doesn’t exist. In those long and arduous years of longing and searching, I found myself instead and I realized I am enough. I am the person I am longing for. I am the love I was hoping for.

Now that I already found myself again, one of the things that matter to me is genuinely knowing what I want in my future partner and in my relationship. It’s about time that I also find someone who complements me and I build a strong and good friendship with that person.

I have had romantic relationships in the past and while not one lasted, all were beautiful. Those relationships taught me valuable lessons I could learn from to make my next relationship work better.

In a relationship, it’s important that you know who are, your partner knows who he is, you know each other’s needs, and you respond to those needs with respect and sympathy. For a relationship to last, always keep things in perspectives, especially during difficult times.

I can’t wait to spend my days and nights with The One but I’m willing to wait until we find each other – finally or maybe again. Until then, I hope he’ll chase his dreams and fulfill his greater purpose and I’ll do the same.

Until then, I hope he’s happy because I am.

Simple Notes-to-Self


They say 30 is the new 18 and 40 is the new 20. Most of us love to frame it this way because in our culture there is something about age that makes us uncomfortable. Many of us are afraid to get old and several others fear growing up. It’s a self-limiting belief that really has to stop because there is really nothing to be scared of turning a year older.

Celebrate life.

You are alive today. Be grateful. Not everyone reaches 30 years of existence. Not everyone reaches your age now as you’re reading this. Celebrate every second, minute, day, month, and year added to your life. Live it simple. Live it genuinely happy.

Seek happiness within.

Inside of you is a vast universe capable of happiness, the kind you’ll never find somewhere else. You can be happy with your family, your career, your money, your friends, and anywhere else in the world but seek first from inside of you. Do that by knowing, caring and loving yourself more.

Stop trying to change other people.

Just stop! You can only influence someone’s opinion and actions but you can’t change someone entirely unless the person chooses to. Do not expect people to change for you because they won’t.

Worry not about the ‘not yet’.

Live in the moment. Cherish the blessings of the present. The ‘not yet’ may never come, so don’t miss the blissful wonders of the now.

Just love, it doesn’t matter if they love you back.

Love genuinely with no conditions, no expectation, just love. Do not say I love you and expect to hear the same words back. Do not expect anyone to love you the same way you love them. Everyone has love languages unique to them. Pay attention to the languages of love that are often not spoken.


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