Fanni Rea Zsilinszky: Dauntless traveler

She took an agriculture job for two years before she left Hungary for her first Asia trip. Her name is Fanni.

I met her three months back in Bohol. Aside from her green hair, while she has an intimidating aura in her, she has so much in her that I found interesting.


In Hungary, working for two years is considered short-term, considering that most people are expected to work in one company and stay on the same job their whole life. Most young people have the same mindset but not Fanni.

“Maybe because it’s not easy to find a job in Hungary, that’s why most of the people here choose to settle instead of challenging themselves. They want to stay on the safe side. But I’ve met a few people who quit their job, travel abroad and come back to work again, and then travel again after saving enough money,” she shared.

Spontaneous trip

“I originally planned to do my Asian trip because my best friend is in South Korea so I decided to visit her. I took a flight from Hungary to Dubai, to Manila then to South Korea. How I got to Cebu and to Bohol was something I didn’t plan at all.”

Before she came to Bohol, Fanni also visited Tonga, a Polynesian kingdom in the Pacific islands.

“I was there for a month. It was about the whales, so I decided to go there. Before I got there, I had no idea about Tonga, and for me, it’s a strange country.”

When she first decided to go there, she planned to find a volunteer job and she did just that. “I was really, really lucky when I got an email from my host who was looking for a volunteer. I actually wrote to them months prior but I got no reply, so I didn’t dream of finding a host anymore. The email was really a surprise. My host helped me get there. I was working for them for three weeks before I moved to a different island for another one more week. The family who took care of me also taught me to speak a little Tongan.”


In Tonga, she got the chance to swim with whales. She was also fascinated by how knowledgeable the local people are about whales.

“It was quite similar to the Philippines, with palm and sandy beaches, but just too peaceful, as there are not too many tourists, yet.”

Memorable encounters  

“Everything about my travel was so interesting that I had no time to fear. I had no idea if I was at the right place, but I knew I still could find good people everywhere. I really love that everyone was really nice there, they really took care of me. The tourists I met were also awesome. I really miss meeting open-minded people who are curious about others, and even if it’s not a very deep friendship, even if you only met for two or three days, they will help you.”

When I asked her what she misses the most, she quipped,  “It was meeting new people. I like to meet and talk with them. I can’t really do that much here in Hungary.”



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