Soulful nature escape

What shape am I? How do I perceive myself? How big am I? Is there a place where I stop and the world begins?

These are just some of the questions we asked ourselves today during our first Arm in Arm (AiA), the Self-Help Society gathering.20181118_122024.jpg

A little back story – way back July, something that could have changed my life completely never happened. It was during those confusing times of my life that I had an epiphany of what I believe my Soul Purpose is. I’ve been doing it all along, at least according to some people close to me, but I just didn’t embrace it until I found myself at a crossroad where I had to ask myself again, “What’s most important to you, Armie? What makes your heart sing?”

That same crossroad inspired me to gather a group of empowered women who will help me advocate for Self-awareness, Self-care and Self-love, the pillars of AiA. I met each one of them later in August to share with them my aspirations and plans for the self-help group that I wanted to create.

Finally, five of the Seven-women Squad of AiA got together today for my post-birthday nature day trip in Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden, a haven up in the mountains.

I don’t know where the path I’m walking now will lead me and what awaits me along the way but I know deep inside that I’m on the right road. I know that Daddy God’s leading my way and the Universe is guiding me, too.IMG_20181118_233544_991
Thank you to the awesome women who gave me a chance to feel and catch a glimpse of the vast Universe inside of them today. May we continue to share our gifts to this world.

My ♡ is full. Glory to Daddy God!



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