Whoa! I didn’t see those coming!

I invited Team BANG and Team FM to join me on my pre-birthday run last Sunday.  We didn’t have an official race so some of them agreed to come and join me. It was raining hard last Saturday night but not one of them suggested that we cancel the run. That alone was a huge thing for me! It made me sleep well, knowing everyone was still up to running with me despite the weather.

We agreed to meet up around 5AM. Our start was in JY Square and our finish was at the Temple of Leah in Busay.

Busay is a mountain barangay in Cebu, and its uphills and downhills are training ground of runners and bikers. It became one of my happy places when I started running eight years ago. I often go there, most times alone and sometimes with my sisters. Aside from its terrain that is ideal for training, it’s also a haven for those who love nature.

Team BANG and Team FM 

I’m a lone wolf and I don’t mind running on my own but I’m also grateful for having running teams. Team BANG was formed one random Sunday afternoon in January this year. Our team name is inspired by the word “timbang” or weight.

Team FM, meanwhile, was formed in August this year. I’ll spare you the funny details behind the initials “F” and “M” but it also alternatively means “For Mother Earth”. Our teams’ causes in running include running for the environment, for animal rights, and for women empowerment.

The Epic Birthday Surprise

I didn’t know these crazy siblings were up to something. They pulled off a surprise, under my nosy nose, not only once but twice. I’m really bad at surprises but I’m blessed with friends who are extremely skilled at pulling off an epic one.

It took me a long while to realize that it was Ms. Daphne, the queen of Team BANG, who was waving at us when we reached Willie’s Store. Everyone, except Paul, the coach of Team BANG, was also stunned.

It never ended there because when we reached the Temple of Leah, my fave red velvet cake was waiting for me. I didn’t know that my boss, Ms. Meg, and Team FM also prepared something.

I must have done something beautiful to these Universes to deserve the non-material gifts I have received on that day, as well as, these awesome people. I can’t thank the Universes enough.

Arigatou gozaimasu! ありがとうございます 

THANK YOU may not be enough but thank you to the beautiful people in my life who made everything blissful last Sunday.  20181021_114934.jpg

These people aren’t my family by blood but they are my brothers and sisters by heart.    20181021_06540520181021_085502



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