A touch of spontaneity, a kiss of magic

All my life, I’ve only been spontaneous just a few times. Most of the time, I plan things and it works for me a whole lot. Who I am now is also a result of those well carried out plans and of those that failed miserably.

However, I’m open to spontaneity, too. I don’t want to miss the magic it does to me.

For the past two years now, I’ve done more spontaneous stuff than ever, and I’ve never felt more free. Last month, another spontaneous trip brought me back to Bohol. I found myself another home where diverse cultures meet, interesting stories are shared, and colorful friendships are made.

In my unplanned journeys, I’ve met amazing people who are wandering their way around spontaneously too, trying to find themselves and the place for them in this vast world, making sense of their realities, and making it through somehow.

A humbling experience like this fills me with so much learning and wisdom.


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