Santana Guest House Kyoto, my home away from home

I arrived at the Kyoto Station two hours and twenty minutes after the Shinkansen took off from the Tokyo Station. I earlier downloaded a map of Kyoto on my mobile phone to help me navigate the city. Following the direction of the map, I tracked the location of the guest house where I stayed for three days. After almost 30 minutes of searching, mitsuketa! I found it!

Sanatana Guest House.jpg

The Santana Guest House Kyoto is only eight minutes away from the Nishioji Station, the next station from the Kyoto Station. It is also only 2.4-kilometers away from the Nishikyogoku Athletic Stadium, where the Kyoto International Marathon was held.

It is an old-style Japanese guest house built in 1945 and it’s akin to most traditional houses or minka in Kyoto.

The Santana Guest House Kyoto has a narrow entrance hall (genkan) where shoes and footwear are removed before entering the house. The shoes are then stored at the getabako, a small cabinet with compartments.

I took the standard twin-bed guest room. The bed has a heating pad that helped me survived my worst winter yet. The warm sheets protected me from the 0 degree Celsius temperature. I don’t have any problem with small spaces, especially when I find it kawaii. I even thought of asking my dad to make a small reading bedroom for me, similar to that of my bedroom in Santana.

Like other traditional houses, the bathroom and the high-tech toilet in Santana are separated. I particularly love the sliding doors separating the living room and the guest rooms.

my favorite corner in the guest house. ❤

I like the amenities at the guest house but what made my stay in Santana Guest House Kyoto more homey and memorable is the warm welcome of Ms. Reiko and Yuma-chan. Both of them took good care of me, prepared a sumptuous and healthy Japanese breakfast for me, and made me feel like I’m a family instead of just a foreign guest.

Yuma-chan helped me navigate my precious Kyoto map, and helped me get myself familiar of Kyoto. On my last day, Reiko-san was scheduled to visit the Osaka branch, but before she left, she made sure I was all set for my trip back to Tokyo. I was holding my tears back after she gave me a warm hug and a souvenir. She also sent me a message I kept on reading at the airport.

I know I will keep on coming back to Kyoto, and no matter how many times I visit, I’m still gonna stay in Santana Guest House Kyoto. It’s definitely my home away from home.

More photos of Santana Guest House Kyoto


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