What I remind myself of everyday

We have mornings when all we want to do is stay in bed instead of prepping for work. We have rush hours of frustrating commute or tiresome long drive. We have times when the only thing we anticipate is the end of our unproductive work shift. We have days when everything just won’t make sense. We feel lost, empty, and stuck in a limbo of confusion. If you haven’t experienced any of these or something similar, then please stop reading at this point.

I do have moments in life when I, too, feel like my world is turning upside down, and aside from praying, here are some of the many things I (and some people dear to me) keep on reminding myself.  It helps me conquer, somehow, and it might help you, too.  


  1. Life is how we see the world.

    Our perspective on things matter and this often affects our different approach on things. How we deal with our daily challenges, for instance, has to do with how we see them.

  2. Life is about our choices.

    Someone dear to me reminded me that life is all about choices, too. The choices we’ve made in the past led us to the kind of life we are living now. If we want a better life, we just have to make better choices.

  3. Do what makes you happy!

    Be it reading, writing, sketching, dancing, traveling, organizing outreach programs, running ultramarathon, spending time with loved ones, and the list can go on and on. Whatever makes our heart sing, let’s do it.

  4. Let go of too much expectations.

    Sometimes we live up to expectations that are often impractical. We expect too much from the people we love, from our work, and from ourselves. These high expectations give us unnecessary stress. At some point in life, we have to learn to manage our own expectations.

  5. Don’t be afraid of CHANGE.

    Someone dear to me taught me about Shogyu Mujo, a Buddhist belief on the impermanence of things. Nothing ever stays the same. Any form of change can be dreadful, but we have to fear it less. Opening ourselves to changes also means growth.


  6. Don’t be afraid to love again.

    No matter how many times our heart gets broken, be brave enough to love again. Somewhere out there, someone is also waiting and searching for the love only we can give. Until we find the other keeper of our heart, we must never give up.

  7. Love yourself (again and again). 

    Everyday is a constant struggle to understand better the beings inside us but we should never give up on loving ourselves. It’s one of the best things we can do.

I wonder if you’ve read until this point. I’m grateful if you did. May these words fill the emptiness inside of you, too. Arigatou gozaimasu for the time you spent.

How about you, what do you remind yourself of everyday?


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