2018 Races | The online journal comeback

I have stopped blogging about my runs and races in 2014, but I did not stop running. In those three years of online journal hiatus, I did many more ultramarathons and marathons, I became a member of Paksit Running of Paksit Photos, experienced a taste of the podium (once in a blue moon), and I also finally joined races outside of Cebu, specifically in Manila, Bohol, and Iloilo.

I have also found other training playgrounds aside from the oval in Abellana Sports Center, Willie’s and Ayala Heights in Busay, and the so-called Three Bridges.  The new happy places include Cebu Business Park in Ayala, Camp Lapu Lapu in Lahug, and Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu. I have met new road friends, too.

Basically, those three years were as vibrant and as storyful as before. This year, I want to start online journaling my races again, and this is my attempt to become as consistent as the younger Warat Runner.

Cebu City Marathon, 42KM


The CCM is a tradition. I have done this race since 2011 and I will continue to do so as long as I can. It’s my tribute run for the Sr. Sto. Nino of Cebu (as the run is in time for the Sinulog festival) and it is also my birthday run gift for my mom.

The highlight of this CCM race this year was the presence of my mom who celebrated her birthday with me. The night before the race, she helped me review the confusing route. She made sure I could sleep early and wake up early for the run. She also did my post-race massage. I can’t thank the Universe enough for having a mom who inspires me to finish happy and strong. Shout out to all supportive moms out there!

Kyoto International Marathon, 42KM

I got this slot through the lottery, which means this race was really meant for me. Imagine this, out of 65,948 lottery entries from around the world, I was among the 16,000 runners who made it to this year’s prestigious Kyoto International Marathon. It’s truly a DREAM COME TRUE! Glory to Daddy God and to the Universe! I’m going to publish a special race story and vlog about it soon.

Runrio Trilogy, 21KM


My first half-marathon of the year and I only got myself into this because of my siblings’ convincing powers. It was a good run and the medal…was huge and heavy!

Trail Chix, Run for Brian, 12KM

It’s a run for a cause organized by Paksit Photos and Three of Me to help raise funds for one of our teammates, Brian. It’s a very colorful all-chix run and the ladies surely had a great time gracing the trail.

Runrio Trilogy, 32KM

The only reason I signed up for this trilogy race – these siblings. We bully each other on the road and that’s how we are able to finish strong.

All-Women Ultramarathon, 50KM

Another surprisingly awesome 50KM finish! I cried because I couldn’t believe I finished this race faster than my previous ones. Fine, I really cry every after an ultra! It’s actually bliss!

Convergys Family Run, 5KM


My sister, Nova, signed me up on this one!  I was among the first 50 finishers who received a limited edition medal. Happy to represent my sister’s Team Microsoft!

Run for ERUF, 12KM

Back in 2007, I got myself involved in a vehicular accident. It was also my first encounter with ERUF. I survived the accident and since then I vowed that I will support these real-life heroes in whatever way I can. Running for them so they can continue to save lives is only a little thing.

Hunat Sugbu | Dagan Para ni Maning, 21KM

The highlight of this run was the presence of this family. It was also my twin sister’s first half-marathon. She’s now doing long distance races and I couldn’t be prouder.

Iron Girls, 5KM

There is always more to start and finish line photos that make every run worth immortalizing. I have witnessed how these girls have prepared for this run. The commitment and passion they have demonstrated during our training are truly admirable. They remind me of the many reasons why I love running.

Some of you might say, “it’s just a 5KM,” but for me and for these girls, this fun run is meaningful. To say that I am proud of them is an understatement. Fate brought us together to Make Moments, and those (sometimes rainy) nights we spent running and training together definitely brought us even closer.

Iron Gilr 2.jpg

Congratulations, Gbby and Ms. Grace for conquering your FIRST. Refinyaj and I are more than happy to welcome you to our crazier, happier world. See you again on the road, certified #Irongirls!!!

Runrio Trilogy, 42KM

When I started running eight years ago, I only wanted to run for a cause. Crossing the Finish line back then means supporting the organizations behind my advocacy while challenging and improving myself, as well.

Finishing a run now means running for and with the people I love, empowering myself to brace my life’s storms, and fulfilling my soul’s purpose to inspire others to conquer, too.

I did another 42KM marathon last weekend, and while it reminded me so much about how arduous life really is, it also reminded me that I’m tougher just the same. 😉

Congratulations to everyone whose #hearttofinish pushed them to finish stronger and happier than ever, to the unsung heroes of the road who made sure runners can have fun and safe run, to the organizers and sponsors who made the event possible, and to my Team Bang, Team FM, and Paksit Photos siblings who continue to inspire the Warat Runner in me to keep running. Omedetto gozaimasu!!! ❤

Bohol International Marathon, 21KM

Finishing a run, no matter the distance, always feels good but finishing a run with and for the people you care for always feels best.

It took us forever to decide to do this destination run. We had trilogy runs to prepare for prior to this that everything related with the BIM had to be arranged on the last minute.

Our squad came to Bohol with only one goal – to help make Jay and Ms. Grace’s dreams come true…and we’re glad We Made It!

Team BANG x Team FM proudly congratulate our new official Marathoner, Jay san, and Half-Marathoner, Ms. Grace. A shout out to Den for her new personal record, and to the bulliest of us all, Niz, for her Pau.

A shout out to Coach Paul James, Yshy, Precious, and Ter from my Paksit family for gracing the podium and for finishing the race! Always a proud sister here. ♡

A shout out to my best best-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world, too, for rescuing me again even if my SOS was sooo last minute. Hahaha. I definitely share today’s little victory with you. ♡

Congratulations to all the Bohol International Marathon finishers. Eat well, rest well, and recover! See you again on the road!

Run Isko Iska 2018, 16KM

It felt good to be back to the grounds of my Alma Mater. It was a tribute run for Lolo Oble and for all Iskolars ng Bayan.

42nd Milo Marathon, Cebu Leg 

Running is an individual sport but running with a group makes a difference to an individual. There is an incredible sense of community when you are part of a running team and when you run with your teammates. You get your own pacer and cheerleader, too.


When my Paksit Photos teammate, Marie, showed up and told me she’ll run with me to the Finish Line, I forgot about my upset stomach and I was reminded, too, of my goal to beat my previous personal record. I made it and I couldn’t have done it without her push. Thank you, Marie!

Team FM x Team BANG. Everytime I remember how we started as Team FM, I can’t help but laugh out loud. It’s amazing how daunting memos have paved way for a fellowship of Mother Earth’s stewards. It’s amazing how running for a cause has brought us all closer. ♡♡♡ Congratulations, Paksit Photos sibs, Team FM and Team BANG!

Dumaguete 50KM Ultramarathon 

50KM | 8:18
Dumaguete 50KM Ultramarathon 2018
Rank #15, Female Category


I did not beat my 7:57 PR but all things considered, especially the ‘uphell’ stretch after the turning point, it was darn a happy and strong finish. I made it before sunrise! 💚

Congratulations to all the finishers of Dumaguete 50 Ultramarathon, especially to my sister Niz, who conquered her 4th ultramarathon. A loud shout out to our Team BANG Coach Paul, my sister Iani-chan, our team’s baby Gbby and my twin sis Jaynifer for finishing strong in the relay category; and to our very supportive brother Ter, our Optimus Prime. Glory to Daddy God!

Thank you, EduardP Lens Photography, for these photos.

I will keep on updating this entry. We’ll see what else to run before the year ends.

Xoxo and keep running,

Warat Runner 


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