2018 Races | The online journal comeback

I have stopped blogging about my runs and races in 2014, but I did not stop running. In those three years of online journal hiatus, I did many more ultramarathons and marathons, I became a member of Paksit Running of Paksit Photos, experienced a taste of the podium (once in a blue moon), and I also [...]


2018 | Kyoto International Marathon

Dreams do come true! One of the best things that ever happened to me this year was running the Kyoto International Marathon. Out of the 16,000 plus runners who joined through a lottery, I was among the lucky ones who braced the dreadful winter two days ago. The Kyoto Marathon took us on a fascinating [...]

Daphne | What is love?

Love means different things to everyone. When was the last time you were asked about what love is?  What came into your mind? Love is a universal language. Love is a choice. Love is about giving. Love knows no rules. Love hurts. Love moves mountains. Love is blind. Love is patient. Love simply is.  Our love list can go on and on because [...]