Memories of Osmeña Peak

There are detours you are meant to take. Don’t be scared. Sometimes, life’s twists and turns bring us to the most scenic roads. Enjoy the detour and the happiness, lessons, and wisdom it brings.


I’m writing about the paradox of loss these past few days and came up with a few random scribbles only. I wanted to write just as much but I came up with just enough. Thoughts, words, and sentences are just as elusive as my dreams and my peace of heart, lately.

There is something about loss, like a death of a dearest loved one, that makes us see life in a new light, and there is something about cold November mornings that allows me to wander in thoughts and go into the deeper part of my beings to contemplate about how I am living my life.

I’m living many of my dreams now and I can’t thank my parents and Daddy God enough for being a huge part of my little successes, however, the price I have to pay includes having my wings clipped and my real voice shut.

While I was having these recurring thoughts, a Facebook memory showed me earlier today that a year ago, I took a spontaneous trip down south with some colleagues. It was a cold and rainy day, and yet we managed to brave the climb to the highest point in Cebu, the Osmeña Peak.

It was my second time at the peak and it surprised me that the climb was easier than I thought and the peak wasn’t that far from the base now compared to my experience in 2009.

The first time I was here, eight years ago, I found a love forbidden. It didn’t last. Time indeed helps forgive and forget. I still remember the love that helped me climb to the top, but I no longer remember how it felt like.

The second time I was here, a year ago, I found a love that I am willing to work on every single day so it will last a lifetime – self-love. Nobody else will ever love you better than anyone else but you, so treat yourself better. Travel while you can and keep finding magic in places you go. Do things you’re scared to do. Meet new people, listen and learn from their stories.    

Sometimes it only takes a memory (a Facebook memory at that) to remind me that life is still beautiful despite a painful loss, despite everything.

This climb also reminded me that in life, we will always have mountains and peaks to conquer.  Whatever kind it is, we just need to savor the climb, and when we reach the top, cherish it, and remember that it was also the climb, no matter how tough it was, that brought us there. Don’t be scared of heights.


Indeed, life’s twists and turns bring us to the most scenic roads sometimes. We may feel lost at times, but let’s still enjoy the detour and the happiness, lessons, and wisdom it brings.



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