Memories of Osmeña Peak

There are detours you are meant to take. Don’t be scared. Sometimes, life’s twists and turns bring us to the most scenic roads. Enjoy the detour and the happiness, lessons, and wisdom it brings.   I'm writing about the paradox of loss these past few days and came up with a few random scribbles only. [...]

Jiyoung Baek: The Brave Heart

Should you be given the chance to meet your 18-year-old self, “what would you tell her?”, I asked in a middle of a conversation with a good friend of mine. She thought for a bit and said, “If I meet the 18-year-old Peku chan, I will tell her we should have studied abroad earlier. Don’t [...]

The benefits of cultural exchange experience

When we experience a different culture, we gain a deeper understanding of other people, of our differences and similarities, and this deepened knowledge helps us strengthen our relationship with others, especially with foreign nationals of our neighboring countries. My passion for cultural exchange programs and activities is influenced by my childhood fascination with the Japanese [...]