Learn how to make dreamcatchers

Photo by Hironobu Maehara

I became a member of the Cebu Language Exchange (CLE) in 2015. It’s an online community of language learners from different countries – Philippines, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, among others. The founder of CLE is my best friend, Hironobu Maehara.

Aside from the language exchange weekend meet-up, all members of CLE are encouraged to organize a particular event. I did one myself and it was a dreamcatcher making workshop in partnership with my soul sister, Carolyn, the founder of Chingkaling Creatives.

A very supportive sister, Yani-chan, produced a video of what happened during the workshop. You can watch and check out the video here. 


Dreamcatchers are popular charms at home, especially in the bedrooms. If you want to know more about its history, you may check out here.  I’m a dreamcatcher lover myself and my sister, Carolyn, helps me and inspires me to make my own sometimes. You can check out more of her unique dreamcatchers at Chingkling Creatives.

Arts and crafts activities unleash the inner-creative of participants and a dreamcatcher workshop like this one is also an opportunity to engage in a conversation and build a closer relationship with old and new CLE members.

I want to hold more activities like this one in the future. I believe that creativity is a language in itself, and that all of us have that natural inner-creative resources that we can always tap and maximize to create something beautiful.

Should you want to organize the same dreamcatcher making workshop in the future and should you need assistance,  please feel free to get in touch with me or Chingkaling Creatives.

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