Japan | A spring of promises in Tokyo (Part 3 of 3)

I woke up to a pouring rain on my third day so I decided not to run. It was also freakin’ cold for me even with the air-conditioning off, which made me more lazy to go out for a run. I dozed off and woke up around 10:00 am, Tokyo time.

It was a day to explore more of Tokyo’s traditional and modern wonders. Went to Asakusa first and visited the Sensoji or the Asakusa Kannon Temple. It is also considered one of Tokyo’s oldest temples, as it was known to have been completed in year 645.

Entering the Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate)

The Nakamise or the shopping street leading to the temple’s second gate

IMG_4654.JPGThe Sensoji Shrine

One of the things I love about going places is the opportunity to appreciate again moments we sometimes overlook, like long walks, hearty laughs, street food trip, small talks, and even the taste of ice cream on cold days.

On that day, I thought to myself, there was nowhere else I would rather be. 😀 

Tokyo’s Navel
If you want to look and feel the big city of Tokyo, you can also start your way around from its navel, the Tokyo Tower. I often see it in Japanese drama or anime series I’ve watched, and I couldn’t believe I was actually already inside the Main Observatory of the tower.

While I was there, waiting for the elusive Fuji-san to appear, and watching the farthest I can see of Tokyo, I was deeply grateful to the Universe for conspiring to my heart’s desires.

Lookdown Window. I was looking down at the ground from 145m height.

Sometimes, when we think our dreams are too big for us to achieve, we get scared. We stop dreaming and we also stop working towards making our dreams come true because of fear that we won’t make it.

We all have our fair share of moments of doubts, however, no matter what happens, never doubt the power of your dreams.


Cliche it may be but dreams do come true.


I wanted to stay longer, however, another real world awaits in the Philippines. On the next day, I left Tokyo with another promise – that I will keep coming back.

I will come back and stay longer than a year at least. That’s a promise! 😀 


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