2014: A look back

I wanted to start doing this in 2011 and make it an annual thing. I wanted to share thoughts and behind the scenes of my everyday life as an online editor and multimedia journalist. But life got in the way, I barely even visit this site.

So here I am after three years, looking back at the coverages and projects I have done and that have made an impact in my #buhayJourno in 2014. Here’s to remembering the up and down times of my job. Here’s to starting a tradition.

1. New Year webcast
I missed the new year family get together this year. I had to go to work and spend the first day of the year monitoring and producing news for sunstar.com.ph and Sun.Star Pilipinas webcast (which I anchored myself).

New year coverage
That awkward pause on a live report. 😀

In case you want to check it out, here’s a replay of the January 01, 2014 webcast. 🙂

2. Cebu City Marathon 2014
I have ways of torturing myself without me knowing I am actually doing it. I didn’t just run 42K in the Cebu City Marathon 2014 under-trained, I also produced a series of video reports – on my own with a little help from Dave Tangarorang, a technical support for the website but a cameraman most of the time. Looking back, I’m wondering how the heck did I manage to produce them and how was that strong finish possible.

How I trained for the CCM. 😀

In case you missed the CCM 2014 video series, check the playlist below. Pre and post-productions were done by yours truly. Giving myself a pat on the back for such a feat. Credits also to Joao and Aireen for the voice over and graphics, respectively.

3. Sinulog 2014
We’re still in January 2014, the busiest month in the first quarter of the year. Aside from our usual multimedia reports and livestreaming of the Sinulog events, we tried something beyond routine this year. I joined Joao, Jai and Phoebe in hosting the Sinulog Grand Parade live streaming.

Sinulog 2014
That silly smile of a happy Armie kiddo.
Sinulog 2014
On stream with Joao of Third World Linux

Yes, you can find us on YouTube. In case you want to watch the entire replay, feel free to visit Sun.Star Philippine-news on YouTube. 🙂

Make me happier. Send me out to the field.
Make me happier. Send me out to the field.

4. Chinese New Year
I welcome the year of the Wooden Horse at the Chu Un Temple. I did a multimedia report on some of the Chinese New Year traditions and activities held at the temple.

chinese new year
Chu Un Temple in Cebu City, Philippines

Here’s a playlist of the videos I managed to produce with Kyu, Jhover and Phoebe. My Chinese New Year Eve Celebration video report got 14,392 views. Watch to find out why.

5. Ironman 70.3 Philippines
Unlike last year’s coverage when I had the chance to interview Belinda Granger, Pete Jacobs, among other pros and athletes, for an exclusive video series, my Ironman 70.3 involvement this year was limited to annotating the event live. Well, I created infographics for the livestreaming, too. Thanks to canva.com, life was easier.

However, I don’t really feel proud about it. If only I had more time and if not for my schedule, I could have done more. Also, I am not very good at live hosting, although I know it’s a skill that I can learn easily. Anyhoo, I didn’t embed the video here but you can search on Sun.Star’s YouTube channel.

Live and sun-toasted.

6. Sun.Star Weekly Podcast
One of the best things in 2014 was partnering with one of the founders of Third World Linux, Joao, for Sun.Star Weekly Podcast. The podcast aims to provide context to the news and to reach out to the younger audience of Sun.Star.

It’s my first podcasting stint and I feel more comfortable doing it than hosting a livestreaming. I don’t mean to brag but I have a lovely podcasting voice. Haha. Sadly, doing a podcast isn’t just about the voice. It about time, research, commitment and passion. I may not be allowed to talk about the specifics, but for some reasons we will no longer be doing the Sun.Star Weekly Podcast next year.

I’m grateful for that almost one year podcast experience and I realized podcasting is a skill I can continue to develop. I’m even planning of producing my own Passion Project podcast next year. We’ll see. 🙂

Look what’s new and newsworthy!

7.  Cebu Journalism and Journalists
Aside from my regular online journalism routine, I also write articles for the newspaper, yearbook, among others. I got the chance to write for Cebu Journalism and Journalists magazine this year. My story on “News on social media: Who gets the scoop?” is one of the main stories for this particular issue.


I was also featured in the story about journalists who are into sports. It’s amazing to be in one magazine issue both as a writer and someone written about. I also have that silly photo of me at the back of the cover page and my father immediately saw it the moment he opened the magazine. I jokingly said it wasn’t me and he said, “you can’t trick me, you’re my daughter.” Haha.

She who runs when she’s not running after stories.

8. Climate Change Media Workshop 
One of the niches I wanted to explore is Environmental Journalism. I used to write stories about environment issues in the urban setting, produced video reports on waste management, among others.

In October, I attended a Climate Change seminar organized by the Climate Change Commission of the Philippines and the Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists. Some of the topics discussed during the seminar are included in my 2015 multimedia production plans. I look forward to finally doing them. 🙂


climate change
Our friends and fellow journalists from Tacloban City, sharing about how Typhoon Yolanda changed their lives.

9. Multimedia Wednesday
It’s now a tradition, I’d like to think. Every Wednesday, we meet to listen to colleagues talk about topics they find interesting and passionate about. We brainstorm about how we can improve our multimedia initiatives and we take an obligatory #groupie for documentation purposes.


10.  Top 10 Facebook Posts
In June, I started tracking the viral stories of Sun.Star that are posted on its Facebook page and I report about them in every QC Meeting. Again, thanks to Canva for making life easy. It’s one interesting task because I got to analyze not only the figures but the behavior of online consumers, as well.

11. World Young Reader Summit 2014
In the gathering of journalists from around the world who advocate readership among the youths, I stumbled upon ideas and projects I am allowed to steal and apply in my country. Watch for them unfold in Cebu in 2015. The summit was held in Bali, Indonesia and i chronicled my off-summit related jiffies here.  I’m going to be publishing a series of articles about it here.

These are just some of those I remember at the moment. To avoid forgetting, I’m making it a 2015 Passion Project #1 to update this blog. It was a productive and I must say blessed 2014. I look forward to 2015 with a strong belief that more awesome adventures await. 🙂


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