Digital Journalism Project

I experimented on new ways of telling stories about youth empowerment and produced a short-form multimedia about the dancesport grassroots program in Cebu City, Philippines, which was published on and in June 2012.

In my ‘Dancesport for Free’ production, which you can check here, I combined multimedia elements like texts, video, photographs, audio and social media in telling my story for different digital platforms. It was the first time I produced a multimedia using a DSLR camera and Adobe Premiere for video editing. I uploaded my material on Vimeo and YouTube, and I also used social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook, to further distribute and promote my content. The story was shared on Sun.Star Philippines News and @sunstaronline.

Dancesport for free from Maria Armie Sheila Garde on Vimeo.

The Dancesport for Free inspired me to produce a second part using a cinematic multimedia approach, and sidebar features using infographics. The production is set in June 2013 and I am hoping to publish an iBook on the dancesport multimedia series by the end of the year, and make it available for tablet and mobile users.


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