Final Projects in Convergence Theory

I just sent my final project proposal to my teacher DJ Clark, reviewed the first two podcasts he prepared (I am the podcast cover by the way, haha), listened to this week’s podcast, checked again the project form and then started planning out how to go about my production. I made some additional research already to prepare myself more for DJ’s questions once we talk about my project proposal.

I took a break after an hour — watched dancesports video on YouTube, Googled my favorite Power Rangers and feasted on information about their lives after being a Power Ranger and stalked random people on Facebook. My phone rang, which meant the “30-minute break is over, armie!”, so I posted a status on Twitter, saying something like “…bye for a while Twidder”.

I went back to school work. I was supposed to write a diary about my project proposal and planning (also another requirement for my final project) when I remembered that I am supposed to promote our final project for MMJ 191 here. Then I thought I better promote the works of my classmates, too. So I ended up reading and watching my classmates outputs.

We were divided into groups, with varied scopes and interesting and informative outputs — about social media, online media and convergence, among others.

You may want to take a look at them. I assure you, our outputs are not a waste of your time. Here goes:

Convergence in Asia by Ravi Bajpai, Rajneesh Bhandari and yours truly
Converging with Other Emerging Media by renowned photojournalist GMB Akash
Tales of Social Media by Kat Palasi and Anemi Wick (Password: mmj123VP)
No stopping convergence and social media by Anthony Bayarong, Yasmin Lee Arpon and Jose Torres Jr.
Convergence in Mindanao Media by Ferdinandh Cabrera

At the start of the Convergence Theory course, our teacher Stephen Quinn has set the bar to its highest, and there was fear that I might not be able to reach it. But I did my best and I learned a lot. In fact, it’s one of the courses I can really relate with because I am working in a company and I am in a country where convergence is progressing.

As my convergence course ends here, another MMJ journey — SIX WEEKS — SIX TASKS — SIX PRESENTATIONS — starts and I’ll surely be talking about it in the following days.

Thank you, Stephen and classmates!



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