I’m 31 on Earth, I’m not getting any younger, but I’m happy!

Three months back, I turned 31. On this planet, most people celebrate the day of their birth every year. I do the same ever since I could remember breathing here. In 2019, I celebrated another birthday back home. My mom and dad pulled off a little birthday surprise for me. Mom invited some of our [...]

The New Year is here!

The new year has come and everything there was led me to this day of euphoria. I AM HOME. I’m home and I’m with my family when we ushered the new decade. I woke up to my mom’s muffling voice. She was telling my dad stories while massaging his chest. When father did his morning [...]

Of teachers’ day shout-out and October!

There is so much to love about October! Next to December, October is my treasured month. In some four-season countries, this is the beginning of autumn. In the southern hemisphere, this is the onset of spring.  In the country where I am at the moment, it's when doing the laundry gets out of schedule. October is [...]